FBs-2LC, Special PLC Module

Dual-Channel, load cell measurement module with 16-bit resolution (including sign bit)

Number of channel
2 channel
16-bit (including sign bit)
Occupied I/O points
1 IR (input register) and 8 points DO
Conversion Rate
1/3/5/8 Hz
Non-linearity degree
0.01% full scale @25 °C
Zero drift
0.2 μV/o C
Gain drift
10 ppm/o C
Excitation voltage
5V with 100Ω driving capability
Level of sensitivity
2mV/V, 5mV/V, 10mV/V,20mV/V
Moving averages
Isolation method
Transformer(Power) and photo-coupler(Signal)
Power consumption
24V-15%/+20%, 2VA
Wiring mechanism
7.62 mm fixed terminal block